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Terms & conditions

The following terms and conditions represent the terms of use for all users reaching out to Online Class Help Now. You may contact Online Class Help Now for further queries regarding the terms and conditions.


  • Any customer who wishes to take our online services shall register with us through the registration form present on the website. An existing customer may take benefit from our website from the existing account they have.

  • The company reserves all the rights to make changes in the terms and conditions contract whenever it deems fit. No customer/ third party has the right to question the company regarding it. Additionally, the company can make changes to the terms and conditions with or without informing the customers. Any changes made shall not be challenged in a court of law

  • It is crucial for every user that visits on continues on the site to abide by the terms of use. Any violation in the terms of use will be considered a serious offence and can be challenged in a court of law.


  • Customers can purchase our services via the telephone using the number provided on the website. Purchasing services through the phone does not require an account on the website.

    • The company reserves all the rights to accept or reject any claims of refund.
    • A typical refund can take up to 7 working days.
    • Refunds may also take longer in case of an unforeseen complication. The company also reserves the right to prolong the refund period if there is conflict in the liability issues
    • No liability decisions made by the company are challengeable in the court of law.
    • All claims are to be decided by the company only and no external party/parties hold the right to intern even in the decisions made.

  • All internal and external elements of the business, company and website qualify as intellectual property. All customers are hereby bound to protect, preserve and safeguard the intellectual property in every way possible. Any person found sharing, using or duplicating the intellectual property against the postulates of the terms and conditions will be dealt with severely. Using the intellectual property against the boundaries prescribed by the company is also challengeable in the court of law.
  • Any kind of breach of the terms and conditions will result in immediate termination of order processes without the guarantee of refund for the customers. The user may also have to face legal processes against the company.

  • The website will hereby protect the privacy and confidentiality of all its users according to the standard procedure. Any user who faces complications regarding their privacy shall contact the company first.
  • The users are hereby bound to preserve and protect the confidentiality of the site.
  • No user shall share the website data with third party users without the consent of the company in any way possible. Sharing data is punishable legally and strict action will be taken against the violator at all costs.